Parlor Guitar - Owned by Earl Slick

During my time working with Earl Slick Washburn guitars generously gifted this parlor to him.  Slick requested that I replace the tuning keys and add a sound hole mounted pickup (courtesy of DiMarzio.) I had to customize the tortoise shell pickup cover to fit the smaller sound hole.

Taylor 12 String Body Crack

This guitar was brought to me with a bad crack from the upper bout to the end pin.  There was damage to internal bracing and kerfing.  The beautiful acoustic  instrument has been restored to it's original finish and tone.

Gibson 1938 Mandolin

This instrument arrived in the shop with an old “BAD” repair, my customer wanted it done right.  Repair to center seam separation on the back of the instrument was the first order of business, followed by a refin of the back and sides, fresh strings and a set-up.   This oldie is singing again! 

Ovation Legend Top Seperation

Ovation Legend top separated from the carbon fiber body was repaired successfully.

Violin Repair

Repaired seam separation and many cracks, new bridge, true finger board, chin rest and lot’s of TLC for this very neglected instrument. 

Sovereign 1928 Parlor

Long time customer brought his father in with this family gem.  He didn’t want to change the overall look but needed it structurally repaired.  Sounds like a cannon and plays like a dream!