Upright Neck Repair


This bass needed extra love … the neck had broken completely off.  As with any neck repair my goal is to make it look and play like nothing ever happened.


This guitar was previously owned by Ronnie Wood.  The neck had been broken ,  glued, clamped and left "as is". It was then brought to me by it's current owner for professional repair. 

The customer was extremely happy.

Gibson Les Paul – Satin Cherry Finish – Neck Repair

After a solid Guitar Dog neck repair, this guitar’s neck was broken again!   Check out the image with the green arrow that shows the original Guitar Dog repair.  The Guitar Dog neck repair held, but the neck re-broke in a new location.  Both repairs have held for over 14 years.

Gibson SG

This Gibson SG customer was referred by the folks at Ed Roman's guitars.  Total decapitation, repaired, made the cracks disappear.